Rochdale Online Portfolio

The following articles were published on Rochdale Online in January 2017.


March planned in memory of Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington, (12/1/17).

For this article, I spoke to a family member of Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington, who sadly died on duty in Iraq.


“Aaron Hetherington said: “We set up this walk for people that want to pay their respects but don’t have bikes to join in the event by Rigby’s Guardians.

“The response has been overwhelming. I honestly can’t appreciate the support enough. Rigby’s Guardians have also been very supportive. They’ve been (fantastic.

“I was very close to Scott. I grew up with him and spoke to him every day. He was annoying, but funny-annoying. You just couldn’t be mad at him.

“Someone asked me the other day what Scott loved. He loved the army and talking about the army.””


Pressure increases on councillors to justify 34% allowance increase, (10/1/2017).


“As a petition to block the controversial 34% increase in councillors allowances nears 1,500, pressure is increasing on local councillors to explain their backing of the move by angry residents.

…Healey resident Robert McLean, who stood as a Conservative candidate in Littleborough Lakeside in last year’s local elections, now wants residents to contact their councillors directly and believes this will keep up pressure gained by the online petition and hold councillors to account.

He said: “The outrage has been clear since December when the decision was made. A lot of people have been saying they wanted to do something but didn’t have an outlet.”


Forever-Strong Fitness and Performance Centre raises over £1,000 for homeless charity, (14/1/2017)


“Mr Rothwell said: “December is a time of goodwill and giving, so we wanted to help.

“One of our members at Forever-Strong, Dave Taylor, cooks for Feeding Rochdale Homeless, so it made sense.

“Our gym is all about being fit for life with a focus on nutrition, so helping the homeless in Rochdale get access to proper food is important to us. We have a real community spirit at Forever-Strong, and it’s important to give back to the community wherever we can.””

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